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We are all committed to serving our clients and candidates with our heart.As a trusted advisor,keeping our promises is our only concern.We spend time verifying all of positions to ensure that our jobs are both legitimate and consistent as advertised.


I've just had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr.Feng (Mr.Lucky) from Globalteachers. He was always really helpful, organised and prompt with finalising my procedures. I received all the support and advice for everything I needed.  The Public High School, I had experience with, was just great. I had a really joyful and heartfelt time working there. Overall, it was very smooth and fascinating experience of working and living in China.
I won't hesitate to refer anyone to Mr. Feng due to the excellent way of handling matters and I would highly recommend the 'Globalteachers' agency to those who have an interest in teaching in China.  Warmest Regards,  Hanna 


Ronique Williams

It was a pleasure working for global teacher in China. From the beginning I felt supported with the decision I made to try something new. I was placed in a school that were really welcoming and in an area that suited my requirements. Global teacher was also really helpful with the visa process and were patient when there were minor issues. I felt comfortable asking for help when needed and if I was to return to China again, I would definitely work with Global teachers again. Thank you for making my time in China an amazing experience! 


Matthew S

“I reached out to Lucky when I wanted to experience teaching at a public high school in Northern China. Even before leaving Canada, I felt comfortable returning to teach in China due to how organized Lucky was. I absolutely loved working at the school and enjoyed exploring the surrounding area. I built very strong long-lasting relationships with the school, students, the locals, and Lucky. I found Lucky to be a hardworking individual that did his best to assist me and was a great liaison between the school administration and myself. I found Lucky to be easy to communicate with and it was very clear through his interactions with me that he understands the needs of westerns. Lucky was always friendly and professional and routinely reached out to me to ensure I was comfortable and satisfied with my life in China. Teaching in China is a very positive life changing experience that I highly recommend to any one considering trying it. I look forward to working with Lucky again in the near future.”
-Matthew S


Coelle Glazier (Canadian)

“I always felt confident Lucky had my sweetheart and my best interests at heart. For me, teaching in China was a unique experience unlike anything I had experienced before. The overwhelming amount of attention I received while working in China was always positive. Lucky was able to answer all of my questions and made sure I was happy and comfortable at the school. All of my students were very cute and welcoming to me while the teachers seemed to go out of their way to assist me if ever I needed help. Living and teaching in China with my love was a special experience I will never forget.” -Coelle Glazier (Canadian)


Maria from Pilipinas

Being an English teacher here in China is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I have had in my teaching career. Thanks to the Globalteachers recruitment agency for being extremely helpful since day one. I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity. ------Maria from Pilipinas



"Teaching in China has been an exhilarating personal and educational experience! Thanks to global teacher for giving me the opportunity to learn Mandarin, gain work experience, travel and meet great people along the way. Whilst working in China I also developed many new skills that improved my CV and allowed me to get my dream job when I returned to the UK. Overall, an unforgettable experience well worth taking part!"



My name is Callahan.  I am from the USA and have worked for Global Teacher for many years now.  I will say this about GlobalTeachers they are one of the best companies to work for as an English Teacher in China.  They will always work their hardest to place the teacher in the right school and try their best to get exactly what the perspective teacher request.  Mr. Feng his English name is Mr. Lucky has truly been one of the best people to work for and now in my life as an English Teacher in China.  I currently teach English in a Public High School and love the accommodations, the salary, the students well everything.  Again, I would highly recommend Global Teachers.Goodluck,


By Tom Hopkinson

Thanks globalteacher agency for helping me find a suitable teaching offer in china.I love the children, the culture and the kindness of the people..
China is about as foreign as foreign travel gets. The veins of its rich history and culture flow back for millennia making China the most interesting place I have visited so far. My Girlfriend Michelle and I feel we have learn a great deal by immersing ourselves into Chinese culture, both about China and about ourselves and the western world.
We also want to continue our education in life and the world around us, as we feel we have only scratched the surface on this epic country.


Carmel Fox

I am teaching in Gong An Public High School from globalteachers agency. Their staff are diligent and helpful.10 months have passed; my bellies slightly larger, my bags are a little heavier and my hearts become significantly more crowded.Gong An you are truly a unique and magnificent town. Thanks for welcoming me with such warm and open arms you'll forever hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully I will visit again soon but for now adventure calls and I dare not make her wait.....
Globalteacher agency is worth recommending to someone who wants to teach in China! It is my testimonials 



Hello, I am Maya and I came to China 4 years ago with Globalteachers agency. The agency helped me a lot, especially with my visa, and I feel really safe here. Mr Lucky has been really helpful, he always responds my messages ASAP and he is always there to solve any minor problems I might have. I really enjoy my life here. I have been teaching in the same school since I came and I can see progress I achieved with my kids. I also loooove traveling and I have seen so many beautiful places in China, and met many great people. They became my true family here.



I have always been interested in China, this beautiful and magnificent country, and, finally, decided to try my best working here. A friend recommended me GlobalTeacher. Honestly, everything happened somehow in the twinkling of an eye... And now I'm already in this wonderful country.
I will not describe my adventures in China - go and find everything by yourself!
Can only say that while working here I gained huge experience and a lot of positive impressions!
I sincerely want to thank GlobalTeacher for this opportunity. I am very comfortable working with professionals and good people. They always help and support me with all matters that accompany me while living in China. I am sure everything will continue to be this good.  



Teaching in Asia was always my dream since I was a teenager, as I grew up, I decided to choose China to work with Globalteachers (Mr. Lucky). I found Mr. Lucky to be an intelligent young man with excellent work habits and a strong Knowledge of dealing with foreign teachers, he is capable of organizing teachers monthly, weekly and daily routines. He is fairly self-directed and can track down information quickly and summaries it accurately. Teaching in High Schools and training centers which I have experienced since living in China is the best and excellent sector to join through Globalteachers (Mr lucky) because I found Mr Lucky to be a very knowledgeable and approachable problem solver who kept up with development in the field. Conclusively, I feel that Mr lucky would be an asset to any individual or organization that choose to work with him. Please do not hesitate to contact Globalteachers ”Mr Lucky” should you require any additional information. Much Regards



My name is Jason and I am from England. I've been working in a high school since 2015 and I am enjoying my time here in China, my experience with Global Teachers has been phenomenal, they are trust worthy, friendly, understanding and helpful in all matters.
I would definitely recommend Global Teachers to anyone conclsidering teaching English in China.



The thought of Moving to China brought me a lot of anxiety, considering that I'd be across the world and away from my loved ones for the first time ever. However that all went away when I finally got here and received a warm welcome and such friendliness. So far I'm having a great experience and teaching the most dedicated group of pupils, being here is a great pleasure and I'm thankful to Mr Feng for the patience and dedication. I'm looking forward to making a lot more great memories here!

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