Summer camps

“The Journey to explore the wonderful world culture”

Introduction of Language Village

Language village program is organized by Globalteachers which will take place in summer vacation. It aims to create lifelike English surrounding and let students gain understanding of various cultures. For foreign teachers it is an opportunity that not only improves teaching skill but also a chance to explore China.
We look forward to the energy of qualified attendees who are planning to teach English or already engaged in teaching in China to join us!

The schedule for summer camp

July 10 - July 20 location :Weifang city Shandong
July 23 - July 30 Location: shiqian town Guizhou

In the program, we provide as below

Payment:4000 RMB-5000 RMB (7-10days)
Free accommodation (4* hotel) and free breakfast/lunch/dinner each day.
Transportation allowance: 2000 RMB
The summer camp was a really enjoyable experience, it was good working together with other foreign teachers creating fun activities and lessons for the students. It was also a great opportunity to share ideas and our culture with each other as there was such a vast majority of people from different places in the world. The theme of the summer camp also allowed us to share our culture with the students and the Chinese teachers. 
I had the opportunity to join the summer camp in Weifang andShiqian in 2019. It was an amazing experience and I had awonderful time with the students and the other foreignteachers. The students were eager to learn and they activelyparticipated in all the activities. Some fantastic friendshipswere formed and I also learned a lot about myself in terms ofmy strengths and character. It was also great to travel and seeother parts of China that I hadn't seen before, and to learnmore about the different cultural dynamies. I can't wait to jointhe next summer camp in 2020.
I had the privilege to participate in the summer camp in Weifang and Shiqian in 2019. Its an amazing program that gives the students and teachers wonderful memories. I had brilliant students who made my classes so fun teach. When we weren’t learning english my students we teaching me about their own cities and their culture. With them I learned how easy it is to have fun with my students while teaching them advanced subjects. I truly think attending this camp I improved my teaching skills in many ways. I hope I can join again in the years to come.

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